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Broadcom BSOD fixed on Windows 10 – HP Compaq NC6320

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor system thread exception fault

The HP Compaq NC6320 is a laptop with integrated Broadcom Netlink™ BCM5788-A3 gigabit ethernet network card. Installation of a Windows 10 1909 ISO fails on this system with a “System Thread Exeption Not Handled” bluescreen error. I will explain how I fixed this. Continue reading

Philips DVDR power supply failure


The PI Electronics AC7010LF power supply of my DVDR3590H failed all of a sudden. First I thought of static electricity due to thunderstrikes but this was not the case since nothing was burned. So I had to come up with a solution. Continue reading

NVIDIA GT555M Optimus on Debian 9 without Bumblebee


In 2016 a lot has been changed in the development of the NVIDIA graphics driver. Xorg 1.19 has become available which supposedly removes the tearing on the NVIDIA nonfree proprietary graphics driver. I wanted to see if my GT555M was able to be configurated in DietPi X86_64. Continue reading

Wifi and 4G HD voice calling in the Netherlands

In 2014 HD Voice is reviewed by Tweakers, now 3 years later I got the right equipment to finally be able to set it up. HD Voice is enabled via calling over 4G. HD Voice over 4G is supplied by various providers in the Netherlands. They tested for years, in late 2016 GSMHelpdesk reported that calling over 4G was stil almost impossible. I always found it very strange and I have looked into the matter. In this blog I tell you what my experiences and questions are. Continue reading