Philips DVDR power supply failure


The PI Electronics AC7010LF power supply of my DVDR3590H failed all of a sudden. First I thought of static electricity due to thunderstrikes but this was not the case since nothing was burned. So I had to come up with a solution.


After my previous encounter with a Philips power supply, this was the next in line to fail. After opening up the recorder, the power supply is seen in the top left corner. The 12NC (internal Philips partsnumber) of this PSU is: 313924713532. Since Philips does not manufactur harddisk recorders anymore it is very unlikely that they have a spare parts department that is supplying to end consumers.  Some people tried to contact PI Electronics but due to contractual agreements they do not offer any help. Bigger top image here.

Warning: make sure you unplug the power cord and leave it for an hour. I got an electric shock touching one of the parts even when the cord was unplugged.

The power supply consists of a live part and a lower voltage part (image is clickable).

Rumor is that the elco’s go wrong after a while. The other option is that the SG5842 JACZ integrated circuit is broken. There is nothing to see from my elco’s. As you can see in the photo the elco’s are not busted open, no signs of any leaks and no apparent visual failures. Other option is that one of the SMD’s is broken:


There are some elco repair kits available to buy for around 13 euro’s which contain:

Amount uF Voltage
2 3300 10
1 220 10
3 470 10
1 470 16
1 1000 16
2 22 50
1 100 50

My solution

I don’t know if these kits work. It could also be the case that you replace all elco’s at once (as per the advice) and the power supply still does not work, as one other components is broken.
Since I don’t have any tools available to measure other then a Voltcraft multimeter this for now is a no go. So insead  I thought it was better to buy a donor recorder. These don’t cost a lot anymore today, and you have a spare dvdburner and harddisk.

A few years ago I got myself a DVDR3570H which is the version with a smaller harddrive (160GB versus 250GB). To conclude, after swapping the power supply my main device works again. This power supply is also found in the HDR3800 (with Mediatek chipset).

Fixing the power supply yourself

Extended schematics in pdf

You can test the voltages coming out with this schematic (taken from an HDR3800).



4 thoughts on “Philips DVDR power supply failure

  1. John McCarthy

    Thanks FAHAD for your help, I have ordered a donor from e-bay and will be here at the end of this Month,
    But it is the PSU is the fault, because I have two of them unit’s ( DVDR3590h) and each were working, so to
    make sure it was the PSU was the fault, changed one to the other and it worked. so for the sake of it I tried on line to replace the faulty PSU but found no response. then I decided as you said try for a donor.
    So thanks very much for your help, kind regards John McCarthy.

  2. GSM

    You can use the empty space of C6 to add a 1M and a 100K resistor in series between 300 Volt (1M) and Gnd (100K). Connect a short wire between pin 3 of the controller chip and the interconnection of the two 1M and 100K resistors. The power supply will be started in most cases by the voltage applied to pin 3 of the controller chip.


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