Using Sixaxispairtool on Windows 11

Sixaxispairtool is one of the only tools on Windows that allows you to set the bluetooth address of the Sony Dualshock 3 and Sixaxis controllers. However, the driver is a problem. Let’s fix this.

Most of the time Windows installs the controller as a HID input device on Windows 11. This should be altered with the help of Zadig.

The driver should be altered to libusb-win32, which is libusb0.sys internally.

So that it looks like this in the Windows device management tool

If it is not listing the Dualshock 3 Playstation controller as this driver, Sixaxispairtool wil constantly try and fail to install a driver, from a website it cannot retrieve anymore. Denying the administrator rights will even make it worse, as the tool constantly loops to try to install the correct driver. I tried some and DSHIDmini does not work.

When you connect the Dualshock 3 the current address should be seen and a new address can be set.

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