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Broadcom BSOD fixed on Windows 10 – HP Compaq NC6320

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor system thread exception fault

The HP Compaq NC6320 is a laptop with integrated Broadcom Netlinkā„¢ BCM5788-A3 gigabit ethernet network card. Installation of a Windows 10 1909 ISO fails on this system with a “System Thread Exeption Not Handled” bluescreen error. I will explain how I fixed this. Continue reading

NVIDIA GT555M Optimus on Debian 9 without Bumblebee


In 2016 a lot has been changed in the development of the NVIDIA graphics driver. Xorg 1.19 has become available which supposedly removes the tearing on the NVIDIA nonfree proprietary graphics driver. I wanted to see if my GT555M was able to be configurated in DietPi X86_64. Continue reading