Philips DVD963SA power supply replacement

The power supply of my Philips DVD963SA broke, so it did not power up anymore. In order to revive it, I purchased a donor DVD763SA.

We used this player quite a lot as it has the Faroudja deinterlacing which most newer players don’t have. It also features the Matchline design elements. In order to revive the player, a new power supply had to be installed. These cannot be ordered from Philips and thus I had to wait until a second hand player came by on the internet auction sites. This did not happen for more than a year and so I had to come up with a plan. After extensive search the DVD763SA seemed to be quite comparable.

Power supply switch

The power supplies for the DVD963SA and DVD763SA are from the schematics (almost) the same. As you can see on the photo, they are not. On the DIYaudio forum I found that the power supply of the 963SA is prone to failure. I already removed the bigger capacitor but that wasn’t the culprit. What was actually the faulty component was not found yet. Image on the left is the broken one and on the right the new donor from the DVD763SA. After replacement the DVD963SA works fine again. Larger version of the top foto here



4 thoughts on “Philips DVD963SA power supply replacement

  1. Salman

    i need the pinnig configuration of power supply model “AC 8100LF”
    kindly share with me if any one have ” PDF”.


    1. W00fer Post author

      Hello Salman, unfortunately I don’t have the pinout. There is a new comment by GSM placed that might help you out.

    2. W00fer Post author

      They are in the service manual which is widely available on the internet for free.


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