AEA ATRAC 1 raw sp conversion to MP3

In a previous post I mentioned the option of getting ATRAC 1 files right from original Minidiscs to your harddrive with the Sony MZ-RH1 and a modded QHiMDTransfer.

There are several programs that can convert afterwards to other music formats. These so called front-ends work with FFMPEG as there main program of use. They use it in the back and provide a graphical user interface that is easy to understand. As of yet, I have found three programs that provide a good conversion to other formats.

Avanti is a little overwhelming to use but seems to do the job just fine. Xrecode 3 has a much nicer and easier to understand interface but costs about 10 euro’s.

Remember that they only convert from AEA to other formats, they will not produce (yet) AEA ATRAC1 files. I hope to get this done later.

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