Playstation 2 VGA converter power jack

VGA converterA lot of years ago I bought some Playstation 2 games and an old REDANT PS2 VGA converter. The seller did not know if it would work. After some years, I tried to fix it when some spare time came available.

After plugging it into my V13 PSTwo and connecting the power box to the memory card slot, it did not give any sign of life. So I was confused. I tried to search on the web a bit and found some old info luckily. Sony managed to protect the at that time newer slim Playstation 2 memory card slots. Some say it is the MagicGate encryption that shuts of the power to the VGA converter. Anyway I decided to open up the memory card slot power box and saw just two copper tracks. After I managed to get a pinout diagram from Google, it was quite hard to spot how much power it needed. In the end I saw that 6 volts just work fine. It has also 3.5 mm stereo audio out to connect a seperate speaker. Interesting note is that the chips inside the REDANT VGA box have the markings on top scratched off. Maybe to prevent counterfeiting the device.

Soldering a power jack

After that I needed something a bit more practical, than the temporary solution of crocodile clips which I attached, after I had cut of the power box. So I bought a 3.5 mm mono female connector and soldered that to the wires of the VGA box. It works together with my HAMA adjustable power adapter. Too bad that you cannot adjust any image settings such as the image position as it is a bit to the left. It does not fill a complete fullHD screen. On 4:3 CRT monitors it works perfectly. Image quality is less (especially on colors) than on a CRT TV but hey, we can play on computer monitors now 🙂


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