Playing ATRAC3plus files in OMA format on Foobar2000

If you record in ATRAC3plus format on a Sony Hi-MD recorder you might want to playback the RAW files. This can be tricky as SonicStage is normally needed to upload and play the files since the files are DRM protected. Previously, HiMDRenderer was used but there is a new option for a while now.

I have found a way to upload these files with QHiMDTransfer and play these files on your pc in a much more efficient way. What you need is:

Take the OpenMG folder inside the extracted files. There you will find the Sony Media Library Earth installer. This contains the DRM module which is needed to decrypt the music, since the files are copy protected when you transfer them via SonicStage to your PC.

If you have done that, reboot your pc and install Foobar2000. Do not run it directly after the installation but extract the VGMstream plugin directory inside the components directory of Foobar2000. Do this also with the foo-input-OMA rar file. The VGMstream plugin contains the VGMStream plugin and ATRAC3Plus Decoder. Normally this plays only non-drm files but since we have the DRM component of Sony Media Library Earth and the OMA container recognition it will work.

I recommend to have the newest Foobar 2000 1.3.9 and VLC 2.2 or higher.

ATRAC 1 is a whole different ballgame and is here on this blog.

Further investigation

I would like to have the following files, as QHiMDTransfer cannot convert yet, so I have to provide compatible files.

-Generate my own non-DRM ATRAC3 / 3+ music files and transfer them forward and back and see if any DRM is applied and they are still the same. I think this has to be in .OMA container or WAV suffix.

-Download and upload mp3 files with HimdCLI to my MZ-RH1

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  1. Ron


    Thanks for you post. The link to the Foo-input-OMA file doesn’t work anymore. Could you maybe send me the file or fix the link?


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