3D printed buttons for my Behringer SCMS remover / sample-rate converter

54d71d4e7d7d0c97c4e6ec11717e2abcI wanted to remove SCMS copy protection from my home made CD-recordings to my Minidisc deck or vice versa. Unfortunately, When playing my Minidisc my CD-recorder refused to record. Since it’s music that I recorded from the radio or from tv it irritated me. So I decided to buy a cheap SCMS remover. Building was not an option since the printed manuals in Elektor were complicated. Buying a DIY Velleman kit was not an option (out of production) and an M-Audio CO3 was way too expensive to import from the US. It has several options like SCMS passthrough and some other options like original.

The thing is, SCMS removes track markers and thats quite annoying. But better than SCMS still in place.

The other device that has SCMS removal is the Behringer Ultramatch SRC2000. I found two of them, for a very acceptable price. I bought one of them in different shops, afterwards when it arrived it had broken buttons when it came in with the mail. So I e-mailed and got a full refund. I could decide to purchase the other one, but I chose for a challenge. I still did not have a usuable device. So I opened it up and saw that the buttons were broken internally as well. There were some good ones left and I decided to remake them with a 3D printer. Unfortunately I didn’t know how 3D printing worked and I did have only very minor experience in 3D designing stuff, and not millimeter precise. So I called in the help of a 3D designer who I found on one of the evening meetings of 3Dhubs.com. He offered to help to design and produce 6
3D printed buttons so I had some spares. They are not as transparent as the originals but they do work fine 🙂 The originals let light run through them to see if the function is enabled. The 3D printed buttons do not, but the display indicates if the function is on and that is enough for me.

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