Asus notebook fan control

Asus Notebook fan control - ThrottlestopIn previous Intel Centrino notebooks you were able to use the program Notebook Hardware Control. After supplying an edited ACPI file you had the opportunity to change the CPU speed, voltage and videocard GPU Clock. This resulted in a more quiet laptop. Over the years Intel SpeedStep technology has become much better. Continue reading

Android Emulators with online tv apps

In 2016, watching tv via the tradition cable or DVB-C might be further reduced by people watching on their tablets / via a computer. The first providers already have apps that work on Android and iOS devices. Streams are however lower than 720p, but very good SD quality. In order to watch these streams on pc, you can install an Android emulator. Continue reading

Playing ATRAC3plus files in OMA format on Foobar2000

If you record in ATRAC3plus format on a Sony Hi-MD recorder you might want to playback the RAW files. This can be tricky as SonicStage is normally needed to upload and play the files since the files are DRM protected. Previously, HiMDRenderer was used but there is a new option for a while now. Continue reading

Collecting surveys from 50 teams

For my master thesis I had to gather enough data to do scientific research. Upfront I was told that collecting surveys from 50 teams on your own was “impossible”. I proved the opposite, in 3,5 months, which also involved a summer holiday so less responents were active. I am very proud of the result. Here are some tips if you would like to achieve the same result. Continue reading

3D printed buttons for my Behringer SCMS remover / sample-rate converter

54d71d4e7d7d0c97c4e6ec11717e2abcI wanted to remove SCMS copy protection from my home made CD-recordings to my Minidisc deck or vice versa. Unfortunately, When playing my Minidisc my CD-recorder refused to record. Since it’s music that I recorded from the radio or from tv it irritated me. So I decided to buy a cheap SCMS remover. Building was not an option since the printed manuals in Elektor were complicated. Buying a DIY Velleman kit was not an option (out of production) and an M-Audio CO3 was way too expensive to import from the US. It has several options like SCMS passthrough and some other options like original. Continue reading